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2021-07-26 01:40

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Strategic Directions

The Kilele Foundation Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is summarized in the following strategic directions:-

        Economic Empowerment:

Kilele Foundation is working towards the economic empowerment of youth and women. Most youths remain underemployed or unemployed leading to involvement in drug abuse, alcoholism, and village crime. Most of the rural households are headed by women leaving the economic burden heavy on them.

KF seeks to implement project interventions that seek to improve the economic livelihoods of the vulnerable poor (youth and women) through engaging youth in agribusiness activities, support rural smallholder farmers, and training the youth and women on entrepreneurship and business skills. Project interventions geared towards empowering the vulnerable poor are crucial to enhancing the food security of the local community.


The health issue is a real social issue in Machakos County and in Kenya. The problem is made worse by the poorly-equipped and sparsely located health care facilities. The emergence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic coupled with minimal interventions in the area by other NGOs and the Government of Kenya calls for the attention of the Kilele Foundation.

KF seeks to carry out health awareness campaigns targeting HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Malaria, TB, Diabetes, Fistula, and other diseases. The organization is consistently seeking support from the private, public, and NGO sectors to facilitate free rural medical camps to assist members of the local community who can afford or access healthcare facilities.

       Water and Sanitation

The water problem in Machakos County and many parts of Kenya is a sister problem to the health issue. Many rural households don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. Most of them trek long distances to fetch water from far-off seasonal rivers that are no longer flowing all year round due to persistent and erratic rainfall failures.

Kilele Foundation is seeking partnerships and funding mechanisms to support the local community in sinking water boreholes, distribution of water from the already sunk boreholes, distribution of water tanks for rainwater harvesting and construction of weirs in rivers to enhance water supply. The organization is also involved in community sensitization on issues of sanitation and how to innovatively improve sanitation at the household level.


Environmental destruction in Machakos County is happening in a sickening abandon. The effects of environmental degradation are being felt in the form of erratic rainfall patterns, persistent droughts, and dry rivers and streams. This has led to a decline in agricultural production in the area.

Kilele Foundation is aggressively educating and sensitizing the local community on environmental conservation issues. The organization is building a network of youth and women groups that are continuously involved in tree nursery development and subsequent distribution of tree seedlings through schools, churches, and households.


Like many rural schools in Kenya, many schools in Machakos County need the support of the public, private, and NGO sectors. Many lack basic infrastructure including classrooms, student chairs, and books. Other schools have a dilapidated infrastructure following many years of neglect and lack of adequate government funding.

Kilele Foundation is seeking partnerships to assist the marginalized and neglected in the areas of classroom construction, provision of textbooks and revision books, construction of school libraries, language improvement initiatives, rehabilitation of dilapidated classrooms, and provision of food during periods of drought and famine.

Kilele Foundation also seeks to create an Education Fund to assist children from needy families that are good performers in school but lacking financial support. In the long term, KF seeks to support needy students to achieve their desired level of education and skill in technical training or tertiary education. The organization is particularly concerned with the lack of education support for the girl child both at the secondary and tertiary levels.

        Lobbying and Advocacy

The foundation is actively seeking the participation of the disabled and aged people to normal activities that enhance their livelihoods. KF is working with like-minded organizations like Challenged Athletes Foundation to support disabled athletes in Kenya and entire East Africa.  The organization is proactively lobbying and advocating for better care and targeted support to needy and aged persons who have reached 65.